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Social Media Management / Advertising


Social media platforms have become the best method to establish relationships with your potential and current clients as well as carry out advertising campaigns. Every day, a large part of the world’s population is constantly online. For this reason, small, medium and large sized businesses have decided to invest to have a presence on social networks and keep up with the competition.

At SoMe. Creations, we serve B2C and B2B clients. We give ourselves the task of knowing and understanding your type of business in order to plan and develop a strategy that allows you to achieve your objectives. We take pride in our ability to create unique and brand-focused content that engages with your online community. If you are looking for impactful and affordable social media management solutions, let’s talk.

Social media statistics


84% of internet users access social media platforms.

74% social media users think that these are a reliable means to turn to when they want to make a decision about the purchase of a product or service.

60% of consumers interact with at least one brand on social media.

91% of businesses use social media for content marketing.

52% of businesses say that social media has helped them attract new customers.

What we offer

Creative Content

Art for advertisements and posts.

Strategic Writing

We take into account your goals and target audience in order to develop an effective strategic writing for your ads.

Audience Targeting

Show your ads to your potential clients.


Short video ads (30 - 45 seconds).


Photography for social media content.


We reach your website visitors on Facebook.

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